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Stormwater Outfall Mapping


  • Surveying
  • GPS Data Collection
  • GIS and CAD Mapping
  • Assessment Reports for Utility

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ – As required by the New Jersey Stormwater Management Rules, CES provided outfall mapping and scour/illicit connection evaluations for the Township of Gloucester.  CES located all storm outfall structures for the entire Township using GPS equipment.

CES completed inspection and condition assessment with the Township’s digital and paper format requirements, evaluated and documented each storm structure for structural and functional condition, and completed all reports and maps on schedule and within budget.


Water System Mapping


  • Surveying
  • GIS Mapping
  • Utility Mapping
  • ArcGIS and AutoCAD Map

Borough of Westville, Gloucester County, NJ – CES performed AutoCAD and GIS mapping of the entire water system in the Borough of Westville. CES provided electronic CAD drawings of the water system and provided correlated GIS data. The data included field information for each structure and water line within the system. All data was coordinated with the Borough of Westville for accuracy. Water system data included adjacent municipalities serviced by the Borough of Westville.

The data has been incorporated into the GIS systems for Westville and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Stormwater Structure Assessment


  • GIS Data Collection and Mapping
  • ArcGIS
  • AutoCAD Map
  • Utility Inspection and Condition Assessment

South Jersey Transportation Authority, Atlantic County, NJ – CES located and inspected stormwater structures along 40 miles of the Atlantic City Expressway. CES used GIS data collection tools with GPS equipment.  Each stormwater structure was evaluated for structural and functional condition. CES produced reports for individual structures and queries of specific data for ongoing maintenance and inspections by South Jersey Transportation Authority.

CES provided GIS data in ArcGIS format for integration into the SJTA GIS system.  This database information was incorporated into the SJTA Geographical Information System. CES also provided reports for individual structures with photos and specific data reports (queries) for SJTA’s ongoing maintenance and inspections of stormwater outfalls.

Hancock’s Bridge Bank Reconstruction


  • Survey
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Design
  • NJDEP Permitting
  • ACOE Permitting
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
Alloways Creek, Salem County, NJ – CES completed this project for the Salem County Board of Chosen Freeholders. At Historic Hancock’s Bridge and along the Delaware River Bay, our professionals provided complete engineering services for the design and permitting of this 900’ long, 12’ high tidal flood control project. Conceptual design work consisted of alternatives development and analysis for permit review, including revetment systems, conventional retaining walls, and other slope stabilization methods. CES addressed the poor soil conditions and severe scour potential at the site with the tied back sheet pile system design. The final design features safety railings to protect the public from falls off the bulkhead, and helical screw anchors to avoid disturbances of residential dwellings and yards. CES prepared Riparian license applications to allow construction of the bulkhead in the States’ Open Waters, and obtained Army Corps of Engineers and Individual Wetlands Permits.

Cooper River and Newton Lake, Bank Stabilization Study


  • Field Recon
  • Mapping
  • Stabilization Recommendations – Including alternative analysis and cost estimates
  • Environmental Permit Requirements
  • Report of Findings
Collingswood and Pennsauken, Camden County, NJ – The Camden County Parks Department is concerned with bank erosion at Cooper River Park and Newton Lake, especially since sediment could interfere with boating activities the county has worked hard to develop. Of particular concern is the erosion occurring at the new boathouse facility at Cooper River Park and proximal to athletic fields and the walking/jogging trails.

CES studied the area from land and by boat, concluded the causes and made recommendations to reduce the amount of erosion. Our professionals noted bank stabilization alternatives, including vegetative measures, soil bio-engineering options, and structural measures, and researched environmental permitting requirements for the report. Given the large scope of the project, CES recommended a combination of solutions be incorporated over a period of years to correct the situation, while limiting the cost in any one year.


Canton Drain Bridge Replacement Main Street over Canton Drain


  • Survey
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection

Lower Alloway Creek Township, Salem County, NJ – To replace this deficient bridge, the project included demolition of the existing structure and replacing it with a new pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge. The plans included upgraded drainage, new wider sidewalks, curbs, approaches and sheet pile retaining walls.

Special attention was given to the environmental requirements of this coastal wetland and Bald Eagle foraging area.

Inspection included the review of all soil erosion control measures, required welding, and reinforcing rod arrangements. Activities also required review of utilities. A mislocated existing storm drain required revisions to stormwater design to adjust to it. Construction involved removal of existing pavement and installation of new pavement on approaches for both sides.

Houses Mill Pond Bridge County Bridge #1701-003


  • Field Survey
  • Right-of-Way
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Alternatives Analysis Conceptual Design Permitting
  • Bid Documents
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
Telegraph Road (CR 540) over Deep Run, Alloway Township, Salem County, NJ – The existing single span structure was constructed in 1923 and consisted of reinforced concrete tee beams and concrete balustrade railings. As noted in bridge inspection reports, the structure was considered to be in poor condition due to large spalled areas in the structural tee beams, and up to 100% section loss of exposed rusted rebar in the beams. The project included surveying, preliminary design, final design, permitting, and bid documents for the bridge replacement, as well as construction management and inspection. Considerations, studies, and design included wetlands, flood hazard area, riparian zone buffer, threatened and endangered species, Category-1 waters, warm water fisheries, stormwater management, soil erosion and sediment control.


Deerfield Road Bridge (CR 540) over the Cohansey River


  • Survey & Wetlands Delineation
  • Bridge Alternative Analysis
  • Permitting
  • Hydrology/Hydraulic Analysis
  • Preliminary & Final Plans
  • Cost Estimate
  • ROW Plans & Legal Descriptions
Hopewell & Upper Deerfield Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey – Deerfield Road (CR 540) previously contained one lane in each direction and minimal shoulders on the approaches and across the bridge.

The project included widening to 40 feet by replacement of the existing 2-span reinforced concrete rigid frame structure. The bridge was constructed in 1924, and the existing deck geometry was inadequate per previous studies. The existing approach guiderail and concrete barrier curb across the bridge was also substandard.

CES was chosen by Cumberland County to provide services for the project that included surveying, preliminary design, alternative studies, final design, permitting, and bid documents for the bridge replacement.


Tomlinson-Mill Dam, NJ Dam #31-87

Township of Evesham, Burlington County, NJ – CES preformed an analysis to determine existing runoff, inundation mapping, and appropriate spillway design storm.  The project included preparation of inundation maps suitable for inclusion to the dam’s Emergency Action Plan, and performing bathymetric cross sections of each existing pond to estimate storage volumes of the reservoir’s NJDEP/Dam Safety Flood Control (DSFC) coordination. CES coordinated initial versions of the H&H analysis through NJDEP/DSFC for confirmation of completeness and adequateness of the study and reports, and all review comments were addressed for final NJDEP approval.  CES also developed an Operation and Maintenance Manual for the dam.

Cumberland County Multiple Dam Inspections

Dam structures undergo routine inspections as required by the State of New Jersey. CES was chosen by Cumberland County to provide Formal Inspection Reports for several County-owned dams.

These studies included inspection of existing bank slopes and crests, surface erosion, vegetative intrusion, and review of abutments, spillway structures, and exit channel conditions.

Most dams are older and come with culvert or bridge structured roads above. CES documented pavement conditions in these cases.

CES reviewed the latest Emergency Action Plans and Operation and Maintenance manuals to ensure compliance with the latest safety requirements.

East Lake Dam Outflow

Hands Mill Dam

Sunset Lake Dam

Davis Mill Dam